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• All harvesting & trucking is done by RAB Trucking and Blue Ox


•  State-of-the-art equipment is used by personnel

•  Specializing in sustainable solutions

•  Over 4 decades of experience for expert management

•  Fully, certified, licensed and insured

If you're interested in finding out more, contact us today. We serve a 75-mile radius from the area of the 16354 zip code. After reviewing your property, we'll help you make a plan for your property. Call us Today!

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Call us today to find out how much money is growing on your trees!

Conservation Expertise

We specialize in environmentally sound logging and forestry practices. Our conservation experts can offer you a properly managed cut today that will ensure a future income from your timber land tomorrow.


We select only specific trees for harvest, the remaining trees will once again be bathed in abundant sunlight and air, allowing them to continue to grow and thrive. This process is a Blue Ox Timber Resources, Inc. trademark which will protect the beauty and profitability of your land for your future, and for generations to come.


Blue Ox Timber Resources, Inc, is owned and operated by Rod Bedow, a recipient of the Pennsylvania Pulp Wood Association's prestigious "logger of the Year" award.

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