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Q: Do you only buy timber or do you buy land also?

A: We are buyers of both standing timber and land.


Q: Do you buy only standing timber? Or do you purchase logs also?

A: We will purchase logs already cut if they are of interest to us and located close to our business,


Q: Will I be paid up front before you begin cutting on my land?

A: YES- we pay in full before any timbering will be done.


Q: What if I have information on a piece of timber? Do you pay a finders' fee?

A: If you have a lead on a piece of timber and we successfully purchase it- yes we will definitely pay a finders' fee.

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Blue Ox Timber Resources, Inc Questions And Answers

Q: What if I only have a couple of trees?

A: Due to the high price to move our eqipment, we are not able to just  remove a couple of trees for you. If you have 10 acres or more with timber, we can give you a price on your trees.


Q: Do you only buy timber in the State of Pennsylvania?

A: YES- Due to the high cost of fuel to move our equipment, we only service landowners in the state of Pennsylvania.


Q: Does it cost any money to have you come look at my timber and give me a price?

A: No, we will come cruise your land free of charge and give you a price.


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