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Specializing in the most environmentally sound forestry and logging practices, the conservation experts at BLUE OX can offer you a properly managed cut today that will ensure a future income from your timber land tomorrow. By selecting only specific trees for harvest, the remaining trees will be once again bathed in abundant sunlight and air, allowing them to continue to grow and thrive.  This process is a Blue Ox trademark which will protect the beauty and profitability of your land for your future, and for gereations to come.

All harvesting and trucking is done by Blue Ox Company personnel using our own state-of-the-art equipment and tools.


With over 50 million board feet harvested, our experience speaks for itself.


Cash paid up front before any trees are cut.


Fully certified, licensed, and insured.

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Can We Pick Some For You?

Timber Harvesting, the nationally renowned magazine of the logging industry, called Blue Ox founder, Rodney A. Bedow a "standout logger" who "strongly advocates stewardship of the timber resource, and reinforces that message with high standards of professionalism and safety on his wood crews."

Highlight the core benefit of using you and give me a way to vet in touch – make me want to call now.

It's No Coincidence that TREES and MONEY are both GREEN!

Most people don't realize how easy it can be to turn the timber on thier property into thousands of extra dollars.


Just call BLUE OX and let our staff of professional foresters and certified logging experts show you how to convert your trees into cash.


Whether you would prefer a large lump sum right away, or a consistent long-term income, we can develop the plan that's right for you.



Did you know that the timber on your property is a CASH CROP?

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